We've compiled a brief summary of recent additions to our dynaTrace Community:

  • Klaus Enzenhofer has contributed the Amazon SimpleDB FastPack for monitoring SimpleDB read and write performance. It contains a sensor pack, a sample system profile, and two dashboards for performance monitoring.
  • Michael Kopp has put together the Apache Cassandra Fastpack, providing out-of-the-box monitoring for the Cassandra NoSQL database. It consists of predefined JMX Measures for Cassandra, sensors for Cassandra server and clients, business transactions, a sample system profile, and a dashboard for load monitoring.
  • Dominik Stadler has provided the

    that allows to monitor the number of EC2 instances and CloudFormations of an Amazon AWS Account and also provides cost estimations.

  • Supplementing our recent dynaLearn webinar on dynaTrace in Pre-Production, we have added an easier way of integrating JMeter load tests with dynaTrace by automatically adding required HTTP header values.

If you have any questions, please contact the authors via the respective download pages, or leave a comment in our forum.
Have you implemented your own monitoring, alert or task plugin, or do you have a default System Profile or Dashboard that you always use for your projects? If you think that others would benefit from it as well and want to share it, just contact us at community@dynatrace.com!

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