The September release provides enhanced capabilities including:

  • Hours of manual troubleshooting down to a matter of seconds with the most powerful Root Cause Analyzer. Now handles Mobile tests, ranks problems and tells you the reason for user action failures.  Root Cause Analyzer is seamlessly integrated into alert investigation for faster incident management.
  • 3rd party service analysis gets to the next level! Now automatically detects, identifies and monitors all hosts, 1st and 3rd parties so you know how the providers you rely on are performing.
  • APMaaS for dynaTrace 6.0 is now available providing tighter security and improved scale with up to 2x larger capacity for real user visits and agents.
  • Expanded Load Testing Network and Enhancements for Mobile to Support Holiday Readiness!  Our load testing capacity in one of the world’s large public cloud providers, Microsoft Azure, has doubled and is available across 4 major geographies!
  • The Performance Network Upgrade is complete with our latest browser agent technology available for IE10 and Firefox 24 across all networks – Backbone, Mobile, Last Mile, and Load Testing!