Coming soon to a (Dynatrace) Community near you! The forums are moving to AnswerHub, a state-of-the-art forum technology used by companies like LinkedIn, eBay, GE and Microsoft.

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We’re making a change for the better with AnswerHub! And don’t worry—no community members will be harmed during testing. We’ll go live on our internal forum first, starting on July 27. Once we’ve worked out the initial bugs and glitches on ourselves, we’ll offer webinars the week of August 3rd for all the Geos as we roll out. These presentations will include a short explanation of why we’re making the change, how we will migrate forums, and a live demo of AnswerHub.  

This new platform offers a number of benefits over Confluence.  For instance, you’ll be able to reply to posts by email so you can reply from anywhere, anytime. You can also filter questions by topic, so finding relevant information will now be just one click away. The built-in reward framework uses a “badge” system that highlights the most active contributors and drives greater involvement from all members. 

By September 14 migration of all forum posts will be finished, including attachments and links along with Watches, which are called “followers” in AnswerHub. Migrated forums will be read-only in Confluence as we switch over, but they’ll be accompanied by a link to the appropriate new AnswerHub forum. Forum landing pages will remain in Confluence until we’ve migrated all of the forums.

Make sure to watch the community landing page and your individual forums for updates as we rollout AnswerHub.

Please join one of the following Webinars to get more information about answerhub and how dynatrace forums will be organized in the future:

answerhub webinar - US friendly timezone

answerhub webinar - APAC friendly timezone

answerhub Webinar - EMEA friendly timezone


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