What's New in Extending and Automating dynaTrace

Community Contributions - DB Query and Enhanced EMail Alerting (6 JUN 2013)

Check out the new plugins for monitoring DB Query Output as well as an enhanced version of the EMail Alert Plugin

Stock Quote Sample Monitoring Plugin (15 APR 2013)

Learn how to extend the monitoring capabilities of your dynaTrace installation by checking out the Stock Quote Sample from Laurent

Community Contributions - AspectJ to Connect Tibco Business Work and DataPower Monitor (26 MAR 2013)

Jeffrey Fynboh shows us how to use AspectJ to connect otherwise disconnected PurePaths for Tibco Business Work and also provides an updated version of the IBM DataPower Monitor Plugin.

New Tutorial on Custom Web Dashboarding (25 JAN 2013)

Bring fancy dashboards to mobile devices with our new tutorial on custom web dashboarding!

Community Contribution - The Grinder Plugin (6 SEP 2012)

Marc Holden contributed this plugin that brings metrics from The Grinder load testing tool into dynaTrace to speed up load test performance analysis

Community Contribution - SSH Action Plugin (17 JUL 2012)

Joe Hoffman contributed his plugin that allows you to execute any arbitrary command or script on any SSH accessible remote machine.

HornetQ FastPack available (19 APR 2012)

Are you using the HornetQ messaging system? Download the new HornetQ FastPack!

dynaLearn Webinar Update - Next Webinar on Extending dynaTrace - April 11 (29 MAR 2012)

Register for our next dynaLearn webinar to learn how to develop your own dynaTrace plugins, and watch the recording of our recent webinar on Automating dynaTrace!

Reminder - dynaLearn Webinar on March 28 - Automating dynaTrace (27 MAR 2012)

Join us for tomorrow's dynaLearn Webinar on Automating dynaTrace!

Apache SOLR Monitoring FastPack (7 MAR 2012)

Are you using Apache SOLR? Then take at look at our new SOLR Monitoring FastPack!

Community Contributions on Generic Executor Plugin and SharePoint (8 FEB 2012)

You need more flexibilty when monitoring generic data sources? You are worried about your SharePoint Performance? Then check out the latest community contributions.

dynaTrace IntelliJ IDEA Community Plugin (11 JAN 2012)

Your developers use IntelliJ IDEA? Integrate it with dynaTrace using the latest Community Plugin from Christian Grimm

Tip - LoadRunner Integration with Built-In Script Conversion Tool (28 JUN 2011)

You use LoadRunner and want to integrate it with dynaTrace? Have you explored the Script Conversion Tool that comes with the dynaTrace Client?

Tip - Getting Started with creating dynaTrace Plugins (25 MAY 2011)

Want to create your own Monitor, Action or Task Plugin? Here is a selection of links and sample plugins that will get you started.

CPP Code Instrumentor Utility (26 APR 2011)

Want to instrument your C++ Applications? Chuck Miller shares this easy to use C++ Code Instrumentor Utility that automates instrumenting your code with calls to the Agent Development Kit.

Integration with QTP and further Testing Topics (22 APR 2011)

Using Quick Test Pro in your test environment? Read Joe Hoffmans report on how to enable Tagged Web Requests to integrate with dynaTrace.

dynaTrace FastPack for Clojure (21 APR 2011)

Working with Clojure? Rasmus Toelhoej shares his FastPack with the dynaTrace Community to get better out-of-the-box support for this dynamic language.

Oracle WebLogic FastPack available for Download (12 APR 2011)

Your Apps run on Oracle WebLogic? Check out the new FastPack and see how easy it is to manage application performance.

SMS Notification Plugin contributed to the Community (16 MAR 2011)

Christian Grimm shares his SMS Notification Plugin with the dynaTrace Community. Great plugin to send text messages to cell phones in case of an incident

How to integrate dynaTrace with QTP (from the Forums) (11 JAN 2011)

Francis Cordon explains his steps during a recent engagement to integrate dynaTrace with QTP

JSON Reporting Plugin (22 DEC 2010)

Want to query dynaTrace Dashboards as JSON? The dynaTrace Community has a new reporting plugin that provides a new JSON Reporting Format.

Integrating dynaTrace in your Portlet Server (2 NOV 2010)

Want to view dynaTrace data through your portlet server? dynaLabs provides an experimental implementation for JSR-168 compliant portlet containers.

Developing Action Plugins - A Step by Step Guide (27 April 2010)

The Plugin architecture of dynaTrace allows writing custom Tasks, Actions or Monitors to integrate dynaTrace with other applications very easily. This article walks through all Steps for Building, Testing and Deploying a Custom Action Plugin using the dynaTrace Plugin Development Environment (PDE) and Eclipse. As show case the plugin will create an issue in JIRA for every raised Incident including detailed Incident information.
Read the full Step-By-Step Guide from Roman Spitzbart >>

dynaTrace JIRA Action Plugin (27 April 2010)

The JIRA Action plugin integrates dynaTrace in your exisiting JIRA ticketing system. The plugin creates a new JIRA Issue for Alerts triggered by dynaTrace and includes detailed information about the Incident in the created JIRA Ticket.
Download the JIRA Action Plugin >>

Building your own Amazon CloudWatch Monitor in 5 Steps (22 April 2010)

In this blog article Alois Reitbauer guides you through 5 easy steps to build your own Amazon CloudWatch Monitor using the public available monitoring interfaces. The code sample uses the dynaTrace Monitoring Plugin Infrastructure that allows visualizing the captured data in a dynaTrace dashboard and correlating it to other metrics captured from within any hosted application.
Read the full blog post from Alois Reitbauer >>

Updated Automation Library for dynaTrace 3.x

Automation is key in different phases of the Software Development Lifecycle. Builds are automated by using build-servers that also execute all unit and integration tests to ensure the basic quality criteria for a build before it gets deployed to the next stage. Functional as well as load-tests can be automated to test applications that come out of the build-environment to ensure full functionality, performance and scalability.
dynaTrace provides this Automation Library to easily integrate dynaTrace in your Continuous Integration or Test Automation Environment such as Ant, Maven, Hudson, Team Foundation Server ....

Download the new Automation Library >>

Get familiar with the dynaTrace REST Interfaces

Both dynaTrace Server and dynaTrace Client expose management functionality via REST interfaces. These interfaces can be used to perform different tasks like Start/Stop Recording, Switch Profile Configurations, Trigger Memory/Thread Dumps, Generate Reports on both Client and Server-Side, ...
Read more and get familiar with how to use these to automate dynaTrace in your environment:

Manage and Develop dynaTrace Plugins

With dynaTrace 3.0 the Plugin architecture got a major overhaul. Currently there are 4 types of Plugins: Tasks, Actions, Monitors and Metric Groups.
The Online Documentation gives a great introduction to the changes and innovations in the Plugin user interface and will guide through the process of altering existing and creating new Plugins.

Read the article in the Online Documentation >>

Download and Install dynaTrace Plugins and Extensions

The Plugins and Extensions Download page lists all available extensions that are available on the dynaTrace Community Portal organized by Action Plugins, Monitoring Plugins, Web- and Load-Testing Plugins, Knowledge Sensor Packs, Dashboards and Libraries

Browse through all available plugins and extensions >>

Learning how to automate dynaTrace

Learn how to speed up development, testing and production reporting through the dynaTrace automation interfaces.

Browse through the chapter on Automation dynaTrace >>

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