This article was contributed from Keith A. Marshall, Lead Developer at Insight North America.

Performance and Scalability testing are two important components in our software development and applications deployment lifecycle. The more information that is correlated from the testing the better the picture we get. This provides a better understanding of how the application is expected to react in our production environment.

In our busy complex environment it is difficult at times to separate out the specific transactions related to test running from the actual business or QC testing transactions. The use of dynaTrace has improved our ability to diagnose in development, testing, and production environments

I consulted with Andreas to discuss what alternatives there may be for adding information to the HTTP header so that I can track the testing as a “Tagged Web Request”.

Following our discussion wee downloaded the Fiddler Proxy Server This was a very quick and simple installation.

The addition of theCustomScript.js provided by Andreas was also not a troublesome task. So, thus far things are going quickly and smoothly. We made a small edit to the dynatrace_name in the script to get the custom name we wanted to appear in the Tagged Web Requests.

Pretty simple! … What’s more important is the benefits gained from this addition.
The combination of the added HTTP Header information and the recorded session data provide a very detailed and traceable set of pure paths for review at any time.

Three Environments + One Proxy Server + One DynaTrace Client = Clear Visibility

One of the additional benefits to this setup is that on my local machine I have also added the Fiddler2 Proxy so that no matter what environment I hit from my workstation I am able to look into DynaTrace and immediately determine which transactions were mine (smile)

For additional information pertaining to Transaction Performance Management for Virtualized Business Critical Applications download my previous webinar:

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