We are pleased to announce the launch of SpeedoftheWeb.org, a new free online cloud service that helps web application and site owners increase the speed of their most important web properties. This cloud service enables organizations to compare the speed of their website’s performance against leading competitor sites. SpeedoftheWeb is available here.

The idea behind the project is that Web performance also depends on the type of service your site provides. A simple static page is different from a content rich site with a lot of interactive parts. The main question is how am I doing compared to my competition and where can I improve. SpeedoftheWeb answers exactly these questions.

>>> For more details on SpeedoftheWeb, see Alois Reitbauer's blog post!

If you want to gain deeper insight into how performance differs across various industries check out this presentation.

Don’t forget to visit www.speedoftheweb.org now and see what it can do for you. Enjoy using SpeedoftheWeb and provide feedback to make this an even better service!

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