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Clouds on Cloud Nine: The Challenge of Managing Hybrid-Cloud Environments
Laws that require companies to operate their data centers in a particular country, as known, e.g., in the gambling industry, are among the reasons companies go hybrid-cloud (private, private+public, private+multiple public clouds). We looked at the reasons why you should or should not move you application to the cloud (Azure, Amazon, RackSpace, ...). Once in the cloud - or even hybrid-cloud - you then need to figure out how to manage your environments from both cost, deployment and performance perspective.
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Third Party Content Management applied: Four steps to gain control of your Page Load Performance!
Today’s web sites are often cluttered up with third party content that slows down page load and rendering times, hampering user experience. In a recent blog post, Klaus Enzenhofer presented how third party content impacts your website’s performance and identified common problems with its integration. In this post, he shares the experience he has made as a developer and consultant with the management of Third Party Content. He shows Best Practices for integrating Third Party Content and for convincing your business that they will benefit from establishing Third Party Management.
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How to manage the performance of 1000+ JVMs
Most production monitoring systems have one major problem: There are too many JVMs, CLRs and Hosts to monitor. Finding and understanding problems is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. It needs focus, the correct approach and the correct tools. Michael Kopp presents how one of our bigger customers has done it, by focusing on what really matters: The Applications!
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