In the last year I did several Web Performance Optimization Workshops. Mainly with customers or members of our AJAX Community. We typically spent a couple of hours to look at their current web projects, analyzed potential performance problems and discussed how to speed these pages up. The outcome was both a better understanding of the underlying technologies, how to best use them as well as an action item list to speed up their web sites they are working on.

I submitted this workshop as a tutorial for QCon 2011 and got accepted. Now it is time for people to take advantage of this opportunity

When: Monday, March 7 from 9-12 AM

Where: QCon London 2011

Details on the Tutorial: Make your Web Sites Faster – Tutorial Page

More background on what we will do: Top 10 Client-Side Performance Problems, Automation with Selenium and ShowSlow, …

If you are at QCon, plan on attending or want to get up-to-speed on how to make your web sites faster let me know. I heard they have some special discount when you register until January 14th.

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