When things work great in testing it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything works great in production. There are many things that might be different – much higher load than tested, external services that couldn’t be tested, “Real Users” that execute transactions not covered in tests, or different hardware.

In a new series of blog posts, Andreas Grabner covers the Top Performance Mistakes when moving from Test to Production. All examples are taken from real life applications we have been working with.

  • In this first post, he talks about an issue many application owners may not think about: Excessive Logging. We all know that logging is important as it provides valuable information for troubleshooting. But what if there is too much log information that nobody looks at anyway, just filling up your file system and – the worst thing – seriously impacting your application performance?
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  • His second post covers common deployment mistakes that lead to functional as well as performance problems. Whether it is missing files that lead to HTTP 4xx, misconfigured Web Server settings that severely impact performance and throughput or JavaScript problems that happen on browsers that haven't been tested.
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