We are happy to tell you that the EC2 Monitoring Plugin and the corresponding Amazon EC2 FastPack have received a major overhaul. It uses the latest AWS Java SDK and has a lot of new features:

New Metrics

We have added the latest EC2 Metrics and we now also monitor the first attached EBS Volume of an EC2 instance and report those as well. All of us that remember the major EBS outage that Amazon had recently can appreciate their worth.

Multi-Monitor Support

The Monitor now supports the Host and Hostgroup multi Monitor concept. If you are running completely in the EC2 simply add the hostgroup "Local" to the monitor and all instances that host a dynaTrace agent will be monitored automatically.

This also means that it now delivers dynamic measures, with one dynamic measure for every ec2 instance.

Support for basic and detailed monitoring

We now support both basic and detailed monitoring. Simply schedule the monitor to run every minute. If an instance has detailed monitoring turned on you will receive new values every time. If it doesn't the monitor will only deliver new metrics when AWS does, every 5 minutes.


Look at the download size and you will notice that its size has quartered.

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