We are happy to present a new chapter in our Java Enterprise Performance eBook: Approaching Performance Engineering Afresh covers engineering principles and best practices to evaluate and test performance an application's lifecycle.

Most of us are used to waiting until the very end of the software-development process to evaluate the performance of new applications. Many reasons are given for doing things this way, including the following:

  • Many feel that it does not make sense to determine the performance metrics of a system until the entire system is available and capable of running the new software.
    It is assumed that performance- and scalability-related issues can be identified in only a fully configured load-testing environment.
  • It can be difficult to scale and apply the performance metrics of one environment to another, so we wait until our large, production-related server environments are ready before we begin performance analysis.

These all make sense, but you can also see that there's a problem with this approach. By waiting, we risk delays in the entire process, and missed delivery goals.

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