Christian Grimm, dynaTrace Sales Engineer in Switzerland, created a new FastPack that provides great out-of-the-box support for Oracle WebLogic:

The dynaTrace FastPack for Oracle WebLogic 11g+ enables deep insight into the Oracle WebLogic Application Server and the enclosing platform. This FastPack provides essential metrics which are visualized on different dashboards

The FastPack comes with a pre-configured System Profile and Dashboards. dynaTrace customers can download it from the FastPack Download Page: Oracle WebLogic FastPack

Screenshots of Dashboards

If you have any questions on this community provided FastPack then please contact the author through the WebLogic FastPack Download Page or the dynaTrace Forums

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  1. Excellent, thanks for sharing.

    One question regarding "Thread Hogging": are these threads that run for a long time/consume CPU or threads idling longer than a threshold?

  2. Awesome.
    Can we have larger blowups of the second two graphics. They're a bit small to see the detail.

  3. Florian: The full description of the Thread Hogging metric can found be in the official Oracle WebLogic documentation.

    Joe: You can view full images of the five dashboards on the FastPack's description page.

  4. Christian, thanks for the quick answer.