Just in time for the upcoming Webinar with The BonTon Stores, were we talk about the challenges in operating complex WebSphere environments, we had another set of prospects running their applications on WebSphere. Francis Cordon, a colleague of mine, shares some of the screenshots resulting from these engagements.

In this blog I want to highlight important areas when managing performance in WebSphere environments. This includes WebSphere Health Monitoring, End-to-End Performance Analysis, Performance and Business Impact Analysis as well as WebSphere Memory Analysis and Management. More details will be discussed during the Webinar on May 25th – so check it out if you are interested.

WebSphere Health Monitoring

WebSphere Application Servers provide many different metrics that we need to consider when monitoring server health. This includes system metrics such as Memory and CPU Utilization. It also includes transaction response times and connection pool usage. The following screenshot shows a dashboard that gives a good overview of the general health of a WebSphere Server:

Read the full blog and learn how to manage performance in WebSphere Environments

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