What's New in Production Monitoring and SLAs

Next dynaLearn Webinar on June 19 - Smarter APM with Easy Infrastructure Monitoring in dynaTrace 5.5 (13 JUN 2013)

Register now for our next dynaLearn Webinar and learn more about PureStack and Infrastructure Monitoring!

New Hadoop MapReduce builtin support and Fastpack (29 MAY 2013)

Using Hadoop MapReduce? Check out the new built-in support in Compuware APM 5.5 and the updated FastPacks

Data Center Real User Monitoring (DC RUM) 12.1 is now available! (23 MAY 2013)

We are very pleased to announce the availability of Data Center Real User Monitoring (DC RUM) version 12.1. Check out whats new!

Step by Step Guide to use Compuware APMaaS on your Web Site (16 MAY 2013)

We brought our WordPress-powered blog on to the new APMaaS platform. In this blog we describe the necessary steps and show the end user data we get.

Community Contributions - SNMPv2 Action, RabbitMQ, Log File Monitor and others (22 APR 2013)

Check out the latest monitor and action plugin contributions

Saving MIPS and Money - Automated Mainframe Transaction Tracing and Analysis (15 FEB 2013)

Dealing with mainframe and the distributed world? Learn how to analyze and optimize your transactions and see how to save money.

New Blog Series - Top Performance Mistakes when moving from Test to Production (8 AUG 2012)

Check out our new blog series on common performance mistakes when moving applications to production environments!

Oracle WebLogic FastPack updated for dynaTrace 4.1 (17 JAN 2012)

Your Apps run on Oracle WebLogic? Check out the updated Community FastPack and see how easy it is to manage application performance

Reminder - dynaLearn Webinar on December 14 - dynaTrace in Production (13 DEC 2011)

Learn how we use dynaTrace internally to monitor our own systems and register now for tomorrow's webinar!

dynaTrace FastPack for Cassandra (6 DEC 2011)

You are using Apache Cassandra? We just published the Cassandra Fastpack which enables you to monitor and troubleshoot Cassandra and correlate its response time to your Applications Business Transactions

dynaLearn Webinar Update - Upcoming Webinar on dynaTrace in Production - Dec 14 (5 DEC 2011)

Watch the recording of last week's webinar on dynaTrace in Pre-Production and register now for our next webinar on dynaTrace in Production!

Why SLAs on Request Errors do not work – and what you should do instead (29 SEP 2011)

Klaus Enzenhofer explains why you need to look at failed User Visits and not at failed request when enforcing failure rate as SLA

dynaTrace in the Amazon EC2 Cloud - A How to Guide (20 SEP 2011)

Learn how to deploy your dynaTrace Agents and the dynaTrace Server in the Amazon EC2 Cloud

dynaTrace in the MS Azure Cloud - A How to Guide (16 SEP 2011)

Learn how to deploy your dynaTrace Agents in your Azure Web and Worker Roles.

A real life example on Error Detection in Production (14 SEP 2011)

Learn how dynaTrace automates Error Detection in Production allowing you to contact your users before they contact you.

Why response times are often measured incorrectly (8 JUN 2011)

Do you measure end user response times? Are you sure you measure at the right tier and granularity? Alois Reitbauer explains why response times are often measured wrong.

Why Perfomance Management is easier in public than onpremise clouds (26 MAY 2011)

Do you run your application in the cloud? Michael Kopp talks about the challenges of Performance Management in public and onpremise clouds

New Version of Amazon EC2 Fastpack and Monitor (20 MAY 2011)

Your application runs on EC2? Michael Kopp gave our existing EC2 Monitor and EC2 FastPack a major overhaul to provide extended out of the box support for the Amazon Cloud

Performance Management in WebSphere Environments (10 MAY 2011)

You run your applications on WebSphere? See how others do Health Monitoring, End-to-End Performance Analysis, Performance and Business Impact Analysis as well as WebSphere Memory Analysis and Management

APM in Production - a Step-by-Step-Guide - Part II (28 APR 2011)

Running a distributed environment? Michael Kopp talks about the prerequisites to Monitor, Collect and Correlate data in Production

APM in Production - a Step-by-Step Guide - Part I (13 APR 2011)

Michael Kopp walks us through the steps it takes to implement APM in Production - Part I of his blog series

Troubleshooting Response Time Problems - Do not trust your System Metrics (7 APR 2011)

Michael Kopp walks us through the use case of analyzing transaction response time problems. He shows us that we must not get fooled by system metrics,

What others do with dynaTrace Dashboards (24 MAR 2011)

dynaTrace Dashboards are the window to the captured data in Dev, Test or Production. Eugene walks us through some of the dashboard he uses in his day-to-day work.

Measures Simulator Monitor Plugin contributed to the Community (23 MAR 2011)

Christian Grimm shares his Measure Simulator Monitor Plugin with the dynaTrace Community. Great plugin for educational purposes to research the behavior of time aggregations, incident sensitivities etc

Oracle Monitor Plugin updated for dynaTrace 3.5 (3 DEC 2010)

Your app runs on Oracle? Download the updated Oracle Monitoring Plugin for dynaTrace 3.5.

Combining Analytics with Performance Management Data (17 August 2010)

When bounce rates go up or pages per view go down you need more than Google Analytics data to identify the root cause. Learn how to combine Google Analytics with Application Performance Data to get insight into user behavior.

How to measure Application Performance (29 July 2010)

Measuring application performance is more than simply measuring transaction response times. Alois Reitbauer explains what it takes to Measure Application Performance

6 Minute Live Demo Video by IntraLinks on how they do BTM in their private Cloud (23 July 2010)

Do you want to learn how powerful Business Transaction Management (BTM) is? Then watch the 6 minute live demo of Charlie Weiblen from IntraLinks who takes you through his workflow on analyzing a performance problem by identifying the impacted users and the offending piece of code/database calls.

How to Monitor Oracle Database Performance (19 July 2010)

Learn about the metrics that are important to monitor on Oracle Database Instances and how to retrieve them through the available v$ tables. Share your important metrics and experiences on Oracle with the community.

Lessons from IntraLinks on Managing the Private Cloud (13 July 2010)

Are you running your own Private Cloud? Listen to a Webinar with IntraLinks and learn how they moved from Cloud Monitoring to Cloud Management.

Lessons Learned: How we Monitor our Community Portal from the Cloud (10 May 2010)

Andreas Grabner shows you how to monitor your web sites using a Cloud based Monitoring Service.

Building your own Amazon CloudWatch Monitor in 5 Steps (22 April 2010)

In this blog article Alois Reitbauer guides you through 5 easy steps to build your own Amazon CloudWatch Monitor using the public available monitoring interfaces. The code sample uses the dynaTrace Monitoring Plugin Infrastructure that allows visualizing the captured data in a dynaTrace dashboard and correlating it to other metrics captured from within any hosted application.
Read the full blog post from Alois Reitbauer >>

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