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  • Mike Kopp summarized the Top Performance problems from the Hadoop and Cassandra summits:
    In the last couple of weeks my colleagues and I attended the Hadoop and Cassandra Summits in the San Francisco Bay Area. Performance is becoming a hot topic in both communities and we had a lot of interesting discussions about various challenges. This is a list of the most discussed performance related challenges in Hadoop and Cassandra. 
  • Stephen Pierzchala contributed a post on Integrated Load Test Analysis using Compuware APM Web Load Test and PureStack Technology and a follow-up post with findings from a second load test:
    During a recent load test run against the Compuware APM Community Portal, the Compuware Web Load Testing and APM PureStack technologies were used to monitor performance and diagnose issues in a production application used by our customers. See how you can integrate load test and PureStack data to build your own customized set of metrics for use in these critical performance tests. 
  • Sebastian Kruk shared his insights on Filling Citrix Visibility Gap with Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring:
    There are many reasons why companies choose Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop. Citrix can lower the costs of desktop management and simplify access to hosted applications from any device. Citrix seems like an ideal solution but it introduces certain challenges to application performance monitoring (APM). With Citrix we get yet another component in the data center to take care of. In addition, the virtualized application delivery becomes “black boxed” from the APM perspective. It gets harder to isolate the fault domain to either the network, infrastructure or applications themselves. In this two-part series we will analyze how to discover and handle some performance issues which can happen in the Citrix enabled environment. We start by looking at how to monitor network performance to discover potential problems with load balancing. In the second part we will look into managing experience of Citrix users from the perspective of network monitoring. 


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