Why wait for the disaster to happen? by Michael Kopp: A large part of monitoring production systems, verifying deployments or verifying fixes is essentially to wait and see if a problem occurs. Why wait though? Why not identify problems before disaster strikes?

Raising ITs Credibility at Dole Fresh Fruit with APM by Trever Scott: As Senior Director/IT Leader of Information Technology at Dole Fresh Fruit North America, Trever is responsible for providing consistent and reliable distribution services for our division. Dole’s mission is to provide our customers with safe, healthy, high-quality products and services. To succeed, our business critical systems must be highly available and we need to quickly identify and resolve problems as they arise.

Why Bon Ton needs real-time visibility into 85% of its content delivered by Akamai by Andreas Grabner: Waiting 4 hours to get log files from Akamai is too long to start triaging a problem that end users are already complaining about. When moving more content to a CDN you lose visibility. That’s why Bon-Ton decided to rethink their end user performance strategy as they needed to get live data from every visit, including seeing performance hotspots in 3rd party providers. In this blog post we discuss the requirements they had, why a server-side only approach doesn’t work and how they are now able to proactively solve problems before they read about bad performance of their site on Twitter.

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