As content provided in the community (documentation, downloads, forums, knowledge base, ...) is constantly growing it is important to make it easier accessible. As of today we upgrade the key search boxes on the Community from the previous Confluence-based Search to Google Search.

We expect this will bring a better experience for you especially once we are adding additional content such as educational content from APM University, our APM Blog or the APM Website later this year.

Provide Feedback to improve Search

As a start we focus on the APM Community. As this is a major change for us we want to make sure to do it right. We rely on your feedback and therefore created a special Feedback on Community Search powered by Google Search forum.

Tips and Tricks

Most of you are familiar with Google. Our implementation provides Compuware APM specific filter options on Products, Content Type and Space. When starting your search from a space-specific search field the search will automatically filter on that context. Here is a little glimpse:

Enjoy the new power of Search!


Selected Topics

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