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How to Triple Throughput and Improve Application Performance Through End-to-End Testing by Andreas Grabner: I was fascinated by a recent conversation I had with a group that achieved a 94% response time improvement and that also trippled their throughput by fixing some very common deployment problems. Thats why I wrote this story up in this blog to show that many problems that end up impacting your application in production can be found and solved early on.
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Fact Finders: Sorting out the truth in Real User Monitoring by Klaus Enzenhofer: On my recent visits to Velocity, WebPerfDay and Apps World in London, Real User Monitoring (RUM) was the hot topic. That triggered my thinking about the differences between vendors. They all promise the same for a varying range of prices – from free to couple thousand US Dollars. What I found out is that there IS a big difference and – depending on what you want to do with RUM – you want to make sure you understand the capabilities and limitations of the available solutions - don't let yourself get fooled by the 100% coverage promise!
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