This tip comes from Asad Ali, Enablement Service Consultant at dynaTrace. Thanks for sharing

Creating and viewing business transaction data in a stored session.

Forgot to create Business Transactions before storing the session?

No problem. You can now create business transactions on stored sessions and view the business transaction data in charts. Starting in dynaTrace 3.5 version, you can create business transactions on a stored session. The steps of creating new business transactions are the same for live session and stored sessions. Of course, the data on which business transactions are to be created (e.g. username, session attribute) must be captured and present in the stored session. Once created, you can view the business transaction data by double clicking on the business transaction name and reanalyzing the purepaths.

To view the business transaction data in charts, right click on the stored session and select “Process configuration changes” as shown below:

Once configuration changes are processed, you can plot the business transaction data in a chart for a stored session.

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