Why do you want to remove offline agents?

A great feature in dynaTrace is being alerted by an incident if an application goes down, enabling you to quickly react on crashes. This functionality bases on detecting if an agent that's supposed to be active is not connected anymore - but dynaTrace can't tell if the agent isn't connected because the application just crashed, because it has been shut down on purpose, or because the agent isn't injected into this particular component anymore.

In the latter case, we want to avoid receiving the same incident alert over and over again. For this, we show how to remove an offline agent from your dynaTrace configuration.


  1. Open the

    Unknown macro: {doclinks} [Incidents Overview Dashlet]

    , open your system profile and navigate to the "Application Process Unavailable" branch.

  2. Right-click the entry reporting the agent that's not connected to your dynaTrace server anymore, open the Details view and choose "Show Agents Overview".

  3. The

    Unknown macro: {doclinks} [Agents Overview dashlet]

    will open and shows all agents, both connected and disconnected. Connected agents have a green icon, while disconnected agents are marked as offline by being crossed out in red.

  4. You can delete the respective agent by selecting it and choosing "Delete" in the context menu. You will get a warning dialog asking for your confirmation.

  5. Done!

More Information

Unknown macro: {doclinks} [Incidents Overview Dashlet]

Unknown macro: {doclinks} [Agents Overview Dashlet]

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