There is no doubt that performance is important for your business. If you don’t agree you should check out what we and others think about the Performance Impact on Business or remember headlines like these:

The question therefore is not whether performance is important or not. The question is how to ensure and verify your application performance is good enough

Use your End-Users as Test Dummies?

In times of tight project schedules and very frequent releases some companies tend to release new software versions without going through a proper test cycle. Only a few companies can actually afford this because they have their user’s loyalty regardless functional or performance regressions (again – only a few companies have that luxury). If the rest of us were to release projects without proper load testing we would end up as another headline on the news.

Releasing a new version without proper load testing is therefore not the correct answer.

Don’t let them tell you that Load Testing is hard

When asking people why they are not performing any load tests you usually hear things along the following lines

  • We don’t know how to test realistic user load as we don’t know the use cases nor the expected load in production
  • We don’t have the tools, expertise or hardware resources to run large scale load tests
  • It is too much effort to create and especially maintain testing scripts
  • Commercial tools are expensive and sit too long on the shelf between test cycles
  • We don’t get actionable results for our developers

If you are the business owner or member of a performance team you should not accept answers like this. Let me share my opinion in order for you to counter some of these arguments in your quest of achieving better application performance.

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You can also check out the Gomez 360 Load Test Offering that combines dynaTrace and Gomez Load Testing:

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