Dynatrace 6.2 is a game changer in many ways:

  • APM for Everyone and Faster Than Ever with Dynatrace Web Dashboards powered by PureLytics, PurePath and PureStackv2
  • Confident Delivery with Automated Deployments, Regression Detection and Fact-based Feedback Loops along your Build Pipeline
  • Extend your view with new support for External API Service Calls
  • Monitor more Agents with less Dynatrace Hardware
  • and many more ...

Please register for the Whats Awesome in 6.2 webinar and take the chance for Open Q&A after the main presentation

In case you can't make it don't worry. We record these webinars and make them available on APM University on the Dynatrace Recorded Webinar Course.

Also check out our public video tutorials on YouTube: http://bit.ly/dttutorials

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    The Recording of this webinar is now available on APM University: http://apmu.dynatrace.com/?category_id=608&course_id=1047