Since dynaTrace 5.6 has been released we have provided a number of stability improvements to customers affected by incompatibilities with certain applications or technologies.

With this new public FixPack we make those improvements available to all users of dynaTrace 5.6 to ensure you have the latest and most stable version possible!

The FixPack addresses several issues in the following areas:

  • PHP
  • UEM
  • licensing
  • more than 10 miscellaneous improvements.

We recommend to install the FixPack in the following cases:

  • Proactively, in case you are setting up a new dynaTrace environment
  • If you experience an issue related to PHP, UEM, licensing
  • If an issue you experience matches the description of the fixes contained

The FixPack is available on the dynaTrace 5.6 download area. Please have a look at dynaTrace-fixpackinfo- for additional information and the complete list of fixes.