Product updates

DC RUM 2017 May Service Pack 1 is now available

This is a maintenance release covering resolved issues for DC RUM 2017 May release. All customers are encouraged to upgrade and take advantage of these improvements.

The following release versions are included in DC RUM 2017 May SP 1 release:

  • RUM Console 17.0.1
  • CAS 17.0.1
  • ADS 17.0.1
  • AMD 17.0.1
  • DNA 12.5
  • TCAM 17.0.0

DC RUM 2017 May MobileApp

Following the DC RUM 2017 May Service Pack 1 release, check out our mobile app.

End of support for DC RUM and ESM release 12.3

If you are still using release 12.3, you need to migrate to a newer release, preferably to the latest available product version as it is the smartest choice in terms of security and support for the latest versions of the monitored applications.

Use one of the suggested migration strategies and give our Support a heads up, so a Support representative can examine your existing environment, suggest the most effective way to conduct the migration, and answer all your questions.

DC RUM-Dynatrace unification early access program

You’ve probably seen situations where DC RUM reports long server time for specific software services and servers. Are you asking what is causing long response time for the app? If so, this EAP is for you:

  • Deploy Dynatrace OneAgent on the application hosts monitored by DC RUM already.

  • And let it tell you how are the host resources being consumed by the application processes, how processes interact on different hosts and through the virtual fabric, to serve the application content.

Join the early access program today!

Feedback on single sign-on for Dynatrace products

Responding to over 100 votes for the SSO for Dynatrace products product idea, we are looking into what potential SSO solutions are out there in your setups. 

We want to hear from you which providers you use, so we can plan and prioritize the SSO implementation accordingly. If you have any additional requirements regarding the SSO feature, let us know, too. Help us by telling your use case scenarios in the existing forum thread on SSO.

Must see DC RUM webinars

DC RUM 2017 May webinars

DC RUM configuration best practices

Community Content

Dynatrace-DC RUM unification FAQ

DC RUM and Dynatrace SaaS & Managed unification gives you a complete insight into your application performance. See the frequently asked questions about unification requirements, reporting results, and more!

Report workflow map

Get yourself familiar with the main reporting workflows and new Explorer reports in DC RUM 2017 May release.

A tale of two load balancers

Learn how DC RUM automatically isolated the problem to a network-related bottleneck, while proving that the network itself – as qualified by packet loss and congestion delay – was not to blame. All in the latest blog from Gary Kaiser!

Interested in writing a guest blog?

We'll be glad to share your DC RUM success stories!

Have an idea for a blog post? Whether you like to write or not, we can help you get your ideas, knowledge and experiences in front of a wide audience of your peers. Tell your AHA! story – how did DC RUM help you solve a challenging problem? How are you applying DC RUM in your changing IT landscape? What success have you had integrating DC RUM into your ITOA solution? How has DC RUM helped you achieve your company’s goals?

You’ll work with our DC RUM blogger Gary Kaiser to create a compelling article. Your contribution can range from very basic – outlining a topic, providing details and screenshots, and approving the resulting draft “ghost-written” by Dynatrace – to turnkey – delivering a publication-ready final draft. We’ll jointly ensure that privacy considerations are met – even if this means your company remains anonymous.

To learn more, or to get started, email Gary.


Dynatrace Expert Services (DXS)

Migrate to cloud native with Dynatrace Expert Services (DXS)

Organizations everywhere are transforming their IT and business by using agile processes to support continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment (CD) and other DevOps best practices. Many of these same companies have also found that the benefits of speed, quality, scalability and efficiency greatly increase if they combine these efforts with a move to dynamic and elastic cloud and container environments. But where do you start? Is it just “lift and shift”? What makes the most sense to reach your goals?

We have answers. Dynatrace Expert Services (DXS) has the expertise to start your journey into the cloud—and make it pay off as quickly as possible. Discover how you can use our superior technology in a two-week engagement with our experts to take your team to the cloud—and beyond. Contact us to find out more.


Community Member of the Month for July 2017! 

We are very happy to announce that Wai C. is our July Community Member of the Month! Wai joined the Dynatrace Community in October 2015. He has been busy lately collaborating with others in the forums, asking questions, commenting, and voting almost every day!

Click this link to read what Wai C. has to say about the Dynatrace Community.



Dynatrace University

New Associate Training

 In July and August, we have four new Associate vILT training opportunities available for DC RUM. Register today!

New videos

We’ve got new training videos for DC RUM that highlight new ways to use our technology. Just sign in and have a look:

To see what’s new in Dynatrace University at any time, just go to the menu (in the upper left corner of the screen) select “Discover”. Once you’re on the “Discover” page, just select “New” from the white navigation bar and explore.

Make sure you're receiving Dynatrace communications!

We would like to make sure you are not missing out on any Dynatrace email communications. As a valued business partner, we feel it's critical for you to opt-in to all Dynatrace emails so you can be kept up to date. 

Please opt-in by clicking here and we will make sure you never miss anything again!

Support Center Update

New documentation is now available!

We’ve improved the technical documentation to make it easier for you to find answers to your questions faster than ever before and on your preferred device.

Our new documentation platform provides better navigation, layout, responsive design, and super-fast loading pages. Also, all documentation now has a user-friendly and readable URL that is aligned with our website:




We encourage you to reach out to us with your feedback on how we can make the documentation better by posting in the Community Connect forum or by using the new doc feedback feature, which is available on each page. We are always interested in your feedback.


Community Tips and Tricks

Are you making the most of your Dynatrace Community experience?

Check out the Dynatrace Community User Guide for insights on the best ways to maximize the resources available to you!

Share your tips with us!

Have a suggestion on improving your Community experience? We'd love to hear from you in our Community Connect forum!


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