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Documentation improvements are coming soon!

In the past few months, we’ve been working hard to improve and unify the technical documentation experience to make it easier for you to find answers to your questions faster than ever before and on your preferred device!

Over the next few months, we’ll start to roll out these improvements, which will include more use-case based content, better navigation, layout, responsive design, and super-fast loading pages. Also, all documentation will have a user-friendly and readable URL that is aligned with our website and begins with:

As always, we encourage you to reach out to us with your feedback on how we can make the documentation better by posting in the Community Connect forum or by using the new page feedback feature. We are always interested in your feedback.

Product updates

DC RUM 2017 May release generally available on May 22, 2017

Exciting new features and enhancements are coming together with the new DC RUM release:

  • Stay on top of service changes in your dynamic data center

  • Increase report granularity to accelerate performance insights

  • Speed time-to-insight while reducing training demands

  • Simplify DC RUM deployment and management

  • Enjoy a consistent and modern user experience across the Dynatrace solution

  • Add SAP HANA database monitoring to DC RUM’s SAP comprehensive SAP solution

Learn more about the upcoming 2017 release and get your environment ready for the upgrade!

Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring 12.5 release generally available on May 22, 2017

ESM 12.5 brings an updated ESM Agent Recorder, Agent, and Agent Manager, and is focused on improved OCR and image recognition capabilities together with extended agent/transaction health reporting in the CAS, integrated with measurement reporting.

Learn more about the upcoming 12.5 release and get your environment ready for the upgrade!

Dynatrace Network Analyzer 12.5 release generally available on May 22, 2017

Integrate Trace Trimmer with CAS and gain remote access via web browser to manage DNA agents and captures.

Learn more about the upcoming 12.5 release and get your environment ready for the upgrade!

DC RUM 12.4.13 release is available

See what has changed and download the latest service pack for release 12.4.

DC RUM 12.3 end of support approaching

DC RUM release 12.3 will no longer be supported after June 2017. Use this opportunity to take advantage of all the valuable new features in DC RUM 12.4 or DC RUM 2017 May release.

DC RUM Support will be happy to assist you during the migration process. Simply open a Migration ticket to give our Support team heads up about your planned migration.

Must see DC RUM webinars

DC RUM configuration best practices

If you missed a series of webinars with Pieter Van Heck, you can watch the recordings on Dynatrace University:

Online DMI clinics

Join Sebastian Kruk on a live webinar to learn more about links and interactions within DMI reports. Register today and mark the date in your calendar:

  • May 23, 3:00 PM CEST: Building advanced interactive DMI reports

We’ve already covered the following topics:

If you have any questions or suggestions for future webinars, email directly. Webinar recordings are available on Dynatrace University.

Community Content

AMD 2017 FAQ

DC RUM 2017 May release uses only one AMD architecture, called “the high speed”. See the most frequently asked questions for AMD 2017.

Publishing filters to other DMI sections

Check out our examples of using publishing actions to pass the filters to other DMI sections and dimensions.

Dynatrace Expert Services (DXS)

See Dynatrace University’s new DC RUM videos for everyone

If you haven’t checked out what’s new in Dynatrace University for DC RUM, now is a great time to get started. Now, at your fingertips, anyone can watch videos on Dynatrace technologies to learn how to use them and consider opportunities, whether you’re signed in to the University or not.

Discover the Path to Success

Setting up Dynatrace APM technologies is typically a rapid and smooth process. However, building the strategies that support performance culture through the right people and processes working together to support excellence in your digital business can be a real challenge. That’s why we’ve developed the Path to Digital Performance Management success program. This simple, phased approach is how Dynatrace Expert Services (DXS) helps you realize measurable value as quickly as possible. Read more about it here.


Community Member of the Month for May 2017! 

We are very happy to announce that Yamini D. is our May Community Member of the Month! Yamini has been collaborating with others in the Dynatrace Community since September 2015.

Click this link to read what Yamini D. has to say about the Dynatrace Community.




Dynatrace University

Dynatrace digital experience monitoring combines real user monitoring, synthetic checks, mobile app monitoring, and big data analytics to provide full insights into each customer’s digital experience. Get started with spending 20 hours with a live instructor in Associate vILT. 

The High-speed AMD describes a modernized DC RUM network probe architecture. Learn more about this new architecture at Dynatrace University.

New release videos help resolve problems proactively before they impact your customers. Find out now at Dynatrace University and how to create an alert strategy and manage your alerts. Make sure to check out all the related content!


Master the velocity and complexity of operations as a component of your integrated application delivery chain at Dynatrace University by following a guided path through Dynatrace DC RUM.

Auto configuration, auto-discovery, redefined.  Deploy agents in seconds. Pretty awesome! Learn how now!

10 performance experts already certified in its first week on the market, and nearly 50 more already registered to take the new Dynatrace Associate Certification in May! Find out more here.

Some unique insights from certified professionals and what certification means to them:

“A certification means professionalism. It means that I am able to show my competence and abilities within the product immediately without having to demonstrate it to my peers.”

“A certification is a foundation in a product suite to build upon. It allows me to improve my knowledge and level in a product where it will help me identify what I am missing out on”

“I really enjoy preparing for certification because it is eye opening to see everything I don’t know that is possible with Dynatrace”

Community Tips and Tricks

Community Connect Forum

The new Community Connect forum has arrived! The Community Connect forum is the place to see and be seen by your fellow Dynatrace Community members. Want a list of tips and tricks for maximizing your Community experience? The Community Connect forum is a great starting point!

Share your tips with us!

Have a suggestion on improving your Community experience? We'd love to hear from you in our Community Connect forum!


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