End of support date: December 31, 2016



New Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring installations do not include VantageView (VV) since January 2015, that is, the DC RUM release 12.3.

Existing/upgraded ESM installations: please migrate the important reporting and alerting use cases addressed by VV to the DC RUM's CAS (Central Analysis Server). Some rare use cases may not be eligible to migration and may be left not addressed (see the FAQ).

FAQVantageView End of Support - FAQ

CAS should be your replacement solution for VV (see the FAQ).

For the future, you can also consider migration of the whole synthetic monitoring infrastructure to Dynatrace Synthetic, though this is not a direct replacement of the Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring, yet.

Approach to migration for Account Managers, CSMs, and License Management

No specific migration requirements exist. Every DC RUM and ESM customer is entitled to CAS and should be using CAS for reporting purposes already.

Please note that migration to the CAS as the reporting and alerting platform for the ESM would enable you to leverage the new/enhanced capabilities planned for 2017 in the area of ESM reporting and alerting.

Customer programs offered by Expert Services

If you consider a leapfrog to Dynatrace Synthetic, then have look at https://www.dynatrace.com/capabilities/digital-experience-insights/ program.

Community forum
Further questions

Any questions about your Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring deployment, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager.

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