In this set of three 30-minute webinars, Pieter Van Heck, our EMEA DC RUM Expert, will show you a couple of useful tips and tricks for using and configuring your DC RUM solution.


Configuring software services using the RUM Console wizard (Thursday, April 20, 3:00 PM CET)

Configuring parameters and analyzing traffic can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Join Pieter Van Heck to see the fantastic capabilities of the RUM Console wizard.
The wizard enables you to easily see what parameters are being used. These can be user IDs, cookies, POST parameters, and URL parameters, but also content types and server requests and responses. Once you understand the full capabilities of the wizard, configuring parameters will be much easier and you will get more value out of your DC RUM implementation.

Using custom metrics in DC RUM (Thursday, May 4, 3:00 PM CET)

In the first webinar, Pieter Van Heck will introduce the RUM Console wizard. In this webinar, he will use that wizard to display business metrics.
Let’s say that you would like to understand what the average cart value is that people are submitting. Pieter Van Heck will show you how you can use custom metrics to extract business information and present that to the business, giving you great ideas for showing business value from your DC RUM solution.

Configuring parameters in DC RUM (Thursday, May 18, 3:00 PM CET)

This time, join Pieter Van Heck to learn best practices for configuring parameters and how to use them properly.
Let's take this example: you don’t need to see the name of the document to understand the average response time of downloading the document, but in case it is slow, you would like to be able to see it. What parameters should you use for reporting? How should you use them for troubleshooting? This webinar will take a very practical approach to how to use them, show their advantages, and help you avoid common pitfalls.

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