DC RUM 12.4.13 is now available. This is a cumulative maintenance release covering new features and resolved issues introduced in releases 12.4.0, 12.4.1, 12.4.2, 12.4.5, 12.4.6, 12.4.7, 12.4.10, 12.4.11, 12.4.12 and 12.4.13. All customers are encouraged to upgrade and take advantage of these improvements. Take control of the performance of all your applications, starting from the end user perspective – the one that matters most.


Make sure you have a look at Release-to-release changes and differences. Among others, the upgrade.bin, that is AMD installation and upgrade program has a new mandatory option you need to choose. We also extended the Red Hat Enterprise Linux support to version 6.9. 

What's updated

The following release versions are included in Dynatrace Data Center RUM release 12.4 Service Pack 13:  

  • RUM Console 12.4.13
  • CAS 12.4.13

  • ADS 12.4.13

  • Classic AMD 12.4.13

  • High Speed AMD 12.4.13
  • DNA 12.4.5

  • CSS 12.4.13
  • TCAM 12.4.0


... and this just in:

You should upgrade now.