DC RUM release 12.2 will no longer be supported after January 2017

What does “End of Support” mean?

  • There will be no further new development for this release.

  • There will be no further bug fixes or security updates for this release.

  • There will be no further on-demand support for this release. No calls, emails, community posts, or other forms of support regarding the offering shall be accepted after the End of Support date.

What should I do next?

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest product version, which is the best available release in terms of features, security, and support for the latest versions of the monitored applications.

Dynatrace is committed to the continuous development and improvement of DC RUM. To see what the latest DC RUM release can bring to your business, we encourage you to review the release notes and tech talks.

Visit our Migration Center to plan and execute an upgrade.

Continuing to use unsupported software, you will not be able to contact Support or enjoy the results of ongoing development provided for later releases.

For further information, see Support Status of DC RUM Releases.

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