DC RUM release 12.3 will no longer be supported after June 30, 2017

Use this opportunity to take advantage of all the valuable new features in the latest DC RUM 2017 May or earlier 12.4 release!



Get the most out of your DC RUM installation

Leveraging significant advances in scalability and performance, the DC RUM 2017 May release delivers new capabilities that will empower your operations teams to improve efficiency and deliver peak application performance. This release will help you:

  • Control complexity through real-time awareness of changes in your application environments
  • Accelerate performance insights through increased report granularity
  • Reduce costs by delivering a consistent, intuitive user experience across all Dynatrace solutions
  • Improve service levels through Dynatrace application and system insights

Why upgrade to DC RUM 2017? Here’s a quick list of benefits specific to the applications you monitor and the DC RUM environments you operate. And there’s much more! The details are in the release notes, or you can go straight to the download page.

Not ready for 2017 May release yet? No problem. For now, upgrade directly to DC RUM 12.4.13 to make sure you are running a release that will be supported for another year (until June 30, 2018).


Let us help you with migration

To migrate from release 12.3 to release 2017 May, you need to upgrade to release 12.4 first.

If you run AMDs on RHEL 5, you must migrate the OS to RHEL 7.3 or RHEL 6.9 at a minimum.

Visit the DC RUM Migration Center – it has all the relevant information about migration and upgrade processes.

Our Support team will be very happy to help you prepare for migration - simply open a migration ticket to give us a heads up. A Support representative will examine your existing environment, suggest the most effective way to conduct the migration, and answer all your questions.

If you need Dynatrace assistance in performing the migration, please contact Dynatrace Expert Services.


Can't migrate now? Remember your maintenance benefits

If you are not able to migrate to DC RUM 12.4 or 2017 May over the next 3 weeks and you would like to maintain support for release 12.3*, you can upgrade your level of support from standard to premium. Premium support gives you 24/7/365 product support and support assistance during migrations held over the weekend.

If you are interested in learning more about premium support, contact your Customer Success Manager or Sales Account Representative.

Staying with release 12.3 after June 30, 2017, still gives you access to product downloads, DC RUM forum, and all other DC RUM Community assets, but there will be no further on-demand support or service packs for that release.

For further information, see Support Status of DC RUM Releases.

* Extended product support is limited to severity 1 issues (maintenance). Product functional defects discovered beyond the standard product support date will be addressed only in the newer product releases.

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