Starting on Monday, April 25th, Dynatrace will begin a Backbone network upgrade that includes Browser Agent updates to support Chrome 46 and Firefox 38, and the maintenance release of the Internet Explorer 11 Browser Agent. The new Browser Agents enable you to generate and measure more accurate and representative transactions, and supports today's modern Web and Web 2.0 standards. One much asked for enhancement includes the support for HTTP/2, which is now supported in these latest releases of Chrome and Firefox.

The schedule of the upgrade can be found on Dynatrace Performance Network Updates page. Note that during the first week, which starts April 25th, only 4 nodes will be updated and soak tested. Network-wide updates are then scheduled to occur the following week starting May 2nd and expected to be completed by May 6th.

To be automatically notified of updates, click the Watch button at the top of the page.

Detailed release notes for the updated Browser Agents can be found here.


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