Dynamon Go Contest for Dynatrace Synthetic Customers


Congratulations to Jarmo Jauhiainen!

Jarmo successfully found all 5 Dynamon hiding in the Community and was chosen as the winner of $250 gift card in a random drawing held on Monday, October 3rd.

Thank you to all other entrants who successfully participated in the Dynamon contest. Check back soon for the next Dynatrace Synthetic Community contest!



The Clues

1. What would a Dynamon look at to quickly view availability and performance as he escapes in his car? (Answer: Performance Dashboard)

2. Where would a Dynamon look to see all of their tests in one place?

(Answer: Operational Summary)

3. Oh no! Seemingly random numbers are showing up on the Errors tab when a Dynamon runs their test! What do they mean?

(Answer: How to interpret Error Codes)

4. How can a Dynamon monitor their measurements while on the go?

(Answer: Dynatrace Synthetic Mobile App)

5. What does a Dynamon do when she receives an error on her first attempt and wants to try again?

(Answer: Retry on Error)

Contest Details

  • This contest is open to Dynatrace Synthetic customers only.

  • Using the clues provided above, search the Community to find all of the 5 pages with Dynamon images. Click the image to return to this page.

  • There may be more than one logical location based on the questions provided. Continue searching until you find the page URL with the Dynamon image somewhere on the page.

  • Submit the URLs for all 5 pages by Sept. 30th to CommunityContest@dynatrace.com.

  • Those who successfully submit all 5 URLs will be entered into a drawing for a $250 gift card.



Can you find all 5 Dynamon?


Need some help? Check out the search tips in the Community User Guide.




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