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Early Access Program

Go to for a preview of new features and enhancements planned for the next release. This EAP feature was recently added to the EAP Portal:

  • Drill down from the Error analysis page to the Test details page. This page displays metrics critical to the user experience. From the Test details, you can drill down to the enhanced Waterfall chart.

If you haven’t yet tried these EAP features, check them out now:

  • Error analysis page – For a selected test or for all tests, identify patterns of availability errors, focus on tests that have errors, and view information that can help you troubleshoot and resolve performance problems. See the help page Error Analysis for details.
  • Synthetic tile enhancements – You can filter the Details view of Synthetic tiles in custom dashboards, by Status (severity), Product (test type), and Browser. Click the Errors value for a test to drill down to the Error analysis page
  • Folder management page – You can group your related tests into a folder for easy management. Use the new Folder management page to create folders and assign tests to them. See the help page Folder Management Page.
  • Alert log UI enhancements – Icons next to the test name identify the test type and browser agent for each alert. The filter pane to the left of the alert list makes it easy to filter by test name, alert type, alert progression, and test type. For more details, see the help page Alert Logs.
  • Custom dashboard enhancements – In the Details view of a chart tile, you can chart the data by a selected series, such as Contributor Groups, Region, ISP, or Step, corresponding to the Group By criteria in Interactive Charts.

Meet the Dynatrace Synthetic Support Team

Review the interviews to get to know your Dynatrace Synthetic support team members better:

Nyna Wang 

Dynatrace Synthetic Support Team

Community Content

Find Answers in the Knowledge Base

Do you need detailed information about a specific aspect of using the Dynatrace Portal? Look in the Dynatrace Synthetic Knowledge Base for advice and explanations from our Customer Support experts.

When you search the Dynatrace Synthetic Documentation, the search results include Knowledge Base articles that may answer your question.


Community Member of the Month for February 2017! 

We are very happy to announce that Kalle L. is our February Community Member of the Month! He has been busy lately collaborating with others in the Dynatrace Community. In just 6 weeks ending in mid-January, Kalle answered 5 questions, provided 18 comments and voted 47 times!

Click this link to read what Kalle L.has to say about the Dynatrace Community.


 Dynatrace University

HOT Day at Perform 2017 was a smash hit! Our greatest training content delivered in short 4-hour blocks designed for immediate impact.  All Perform 2017 HOT session topics are now available in Dynatrace University!  Make your reservation today.

Want access to the unique virtual training environments used for the event?  Want to practice a new configuration or experiment with new features?  Reserve your vLab today.

Dynatrace University has gone through quite a transformation.  Looking for content, and can't find it?  Please email Dynatrace University , and we will point you in the right direction.  One of the great features of being a member of the Dynatrace Community is having access to versioned content.  Login today to access historical training content for your implementation.

Dynatrace University has built three convenient virtual training formats to help you transform your digital business.

  • vILT - A well rounded instructor led training approach to understanding the core concepts of Dynatrace.
  • vHOT - A workshop based environment with specific use cases based on real-life customer driven challenges.
  • vExpert - Top-level Dynatrace Architects address customer specific topics, questions, and challenges in a private session.

Dynatrace Expert Services (DXS)

See how Dynatrace University uses the Digital Experience Center (DEC) to create the best customer experience for online learners in the latest version of the online educational platform. Watch these brief videos that show how Dynatrace technology and shared information break down traditional silos and put the customer first. Dynatrace Expert Services can show you how to have the same success right now. We’re ready to help.

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Learn to Track Items of Interest in the Forum

Stay informed of interesting topics, forum posts, and even your favorite Community members' activity. Learn all about these features in the Forum User Guide article How do I follow posts or other forum members?

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Have a suggestion on improving your Community experience? We'd love to hear from you in our Community Ideas forum!

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