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  • Gomez Dynatrace Portal
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An alert destination cannot be deleted when it is being used by an active test. The grayed out Delete icon ensures that an alert If you select Delete for a destination that is in use is not accidentally deleted, a message prompts you to review the tests that use the destination.

If you no longer need an alert destination, change any tests using this alert that destination need to change their alert another destination or to go to the alerts log Alert Log only. To do this

To identify the tests that use a specific alert destination:

  1. In the Gomez Dynatrace Portal, click the Admin select Setup Tests > Alerts.

  2. Select the Alert Destinations tab.
  3. Click the Alerts button

  4. Click the Edit Alert Settings icon for the test whose alert destination you want to change.

  5. In the Notifications sections, select no destination (alerts log only) from the Destination/Subject line drop-down list.

  6. Click Submit. The test no longer uses the alert destination.

  1. Scroll to the alert destination, click the Action cell for that destination, and select Show Use from the Action menu.
    The Usage for Alert Destination window lists all alerts that use the destination.

To remove a destination from an alert:

  1. Go to the Edit a TestType Test page for the test.
    You can, for example, scroll to the test in the Alert Configuration tab, select the Action cell for the test, and select Edit from the Action menu.
  2. In the edit window, select the Test Level Alerts tab.
    For Backbone tests, the alert destination may also be used by a Step Level Alert.
  3. Scroll to the Notifications section at the bottom of the page
  4. For each notification that uses the destination, select a new destination from the list.
    The first item in the Destination list is no destination (alert log only).
  5. Click Update and Finish to save the change.

When the alert destination has been removed from all tests, the Delete icon in the Alert Destination page will be active and you can delete the alert destination.

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