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Thanks to Rick Boyd to Daniel Pohanka we now have a new version of the BizTalk FastPack the PurePath Throughput Action Plugin with following new features:

Reduced overhead from sensor instrumentation, updated measure names to be more meaningful, and included monitor plugin in the fixpack itself 

Automatically adjusts the pure path capture percentage in five user defined levels (anywhere from 100% to .1%), based on a user defined condition.

When an incident with this action plugin is triggered, the plugin checks what configuration is currently active and, based on incident name, changes the configuration level to the next higher or lower level.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment in our Plugins and Extension Forum App Mon & UEM Open Q&A Forum with the topic "plugins".

Have you implemented your own monitoring, alert or task plugin, or do you have a default System Profile or Dashboard that you always use for your projects? If you think that others would benefit from it as well and want to share it, just contact us at!

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