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Product Updates

  • The second third update for Dynatrace AppMon 6.3 has been released! This update contains critical fixes and improvements. If you are still using 6.3.0 please upgrade as soon as possible and refer to our technical alerts page for information regarding a critical issue in version 6.3.0. AppMon & UEM 6.3.2 3 is now available on our download page.  A detailed description of the new features and fixes in Dynatrace 6.3.2 can be found here.
  • Demandware Fastpack now available! The Dynatrace FastPack for Demandware provides a preconfigured Dynatrace profile custom tailored to Demandware environments, learn more here.
  • We now have a new version of Varnish Stats Monitor Plugin which supports Varnish 4.x and provides a full list of values for Varnish 4.x, check it out here.
  • The new version (1.2.10) of the Linux Process Monitor Plugin allows to monitor multiple processes on a server with one monitor. Therefore it is not necessary to create a monitor for each process.This new version also offers a lot of other improvements. Learn more here.

Dynatrace University

Don't blink as you might miss an opportunity to take part in one of Dynatrace's most exciting service offerings! Check out all of our vSeries offerings available in Dynatrace University. We are adding new classes every month so be sure to check out the May line-up.

  • vILT - A well-rounded instructor led training approach to understanding the core concepts used in Dynatrace.
  • vHOT - A workshop based environment with specific use-cases based on real-life customer driven challenges and success.
  • vCafe - Top-level Dynatrace Architects address customer-specific topics, questions and challenges in a private session

Did you know that the Dynatrace University's shopping cart accepts Dynatrace FleXpoints? You can use your FleXpoints to attend any of the vSeries offerings!

Looking to become recognized in the field for your APM and DPM expertise? Look no further than the Dynatrace University Certification program for Application Monitoring. Certification is available at the Associate and Professional levels. Your first attempt at certification is free when you attend vILT!


  •  Did you miss our Ask the Expert session featuring Klaus Enzenhofer, as he discussed leveraging real user information and taking it to the next level while effectively using business dashboards? Check out the replay here.
  • Catch the replay where we discussed the right questions about performance to ask when migrating to SharePoint virtual servers, Office 365, or anywhere in the cloud. Optimizing Sharepoint Performance: On-Premise or Cloud


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Dynatrace in the News


  • The next update for Dynatrace AppMon & UEM 6.2 is now available on our downloads page.  You can update from all previous public updates by downloading and installing the update bundle or following the instructions in your Dynatrace AppMon & UEM client. A detailed description of the new features and fixes in Dynatrace AppMon & UEM 6.2.7 can be found here.

  • Introducing the Generic Measure Monitoring Plugin, this plugin opens an HTTP REST Endpoint so that external tools such as JMeter, Load Runner, Synthetic Monitoring Tools ... can FEED measures into Dynatrace. Thanks to Andreas Grabner for providing this plugin!

Dynatrace University

  • Summer is warming up and so is the lineup of vILT! We are doubling down and just released 14 new sessions! Our last 10 sessions have been sold out, so hurry while there are still available seats. Buy now, attend later, but don’t end up on the waiting list!
  • Want to stand out in the Dynatrace community? Look no further than our outstanding certification program. Check out our guided learning paths to properly prepare you to be Associate or Professionally certified. Already certified? Make sure to login to Dynatrace University to check you certification status in My Learning.

  • Are you learning and experimenting with your DevOps environments? Can’t find the needle in the code stack? Schedule a private one-on-one vCafe session with Dynatrace’s best practitioners to accelerate your understanding of the Dynatrace platform.


  • Catch the replay where we discussed transitioning from operating ungainly applications using waterfall development methods and a hard-to-maintain code base into modern IT organization applying Agile development, DevOps and service-oriented architecture to sell its products. 6 Ways DevOps Helped PrepSportswear Move from Monolith to MicroServices
  • Join Nita Awatramani Associate Director, Verizon Enterprise Solutions & Andreas Grabner, Dynatrace Performance Advocate, to see how Verizon re-invented how they develop, deploy and run the software supporting their business to remain competitive, profitable and relevant.  Register now!

Blogs & eBooks

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