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NEW!! Share Your AI-Detected Problem Ticket

Besides Share Your PurePath - which is a program intended for AppMon users - I (Andreas Grabner) just announced a new program called "Share Your AI-Detected Problem Ticket". Please read more about this in my blog called "Applying Dynatrace AI into your Digitial Performance Life". Feel free to send me links or screenshots to your problem tickets

BACK TO Share Your PurePath: What is PurePath and How can I get one?

Check out my step-by-step instruction blog on Finding Performance Root Cause with Dynatrace or watch my What is Dynatrace and How to Get Started YouTube video. If you have a Java, .NET, PHP, Mobile, Web, node.js application register for the 30 Day Free Trial, capture PurePaths and share it with me and then keep using the Free Trial FOREVER as a Personal License

How to share?  Send it to me via email.

What's In for You?

  • I give you another 30 Days Free Trial or you just keep using it as Personal LicenseI analyze your PurePaths and give you feedback on the Problems I identify
  • I give you advice on how to better use Dynatrace in your environment

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