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The following guide will explain the steps necessary to setup Dynatrace AppMon Agents in Microsoft Azure Cloud-Services.


  1. Within App_Data folder create a new directory named e.g. 'DynatraceSetup'.
  2. Put all powerhsell scripts & modules as well as the Dynatrace MSI agent installer (.msi) into this folder.
  3. Add a new startup script to your solution, that calls scripts/InstallAgentsInAzureWebRole.ps1


    Code Block
    @echo off
    DATE /T >> c:\Dynatrace-InstallAgentsInAzureWebRole.log 2>&1
    TIME /T >> c:\Dynatrace-InstallAgentsInAzureWebRole.log 2>&1
    cd App_Data\DynatraceSetup\scripts
    powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -File InstallAgentsInAzureWebRole.ps1 -InstallerPath "../" >> c:\Dynatrace-InstallAgentsInAzureWebRole.log 2>&1
    exit /B 0

  4. Ensure your files to be copied to the output directory, setting their properties:
    Copy-To-Output Directory:  "Copy Always"
    Build-Action:  "Content"