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As the new Dynatrace software intelligence platform has evolved in capability and enterprise-readiness, it's time to upgrade Application Monitoring (AppMon) & User Experience Management (UEM) to the new, all-in-one Dynatrace solution.

The application monitoring you have been using until now was designed when containers, microservices, or web-scale didn’t even exist. Our next-generation Dynatrace platform masters the new hybrid, multi-cloud challenges with ease and brings together application performance, cloud infrastructure, and digital experience monitoring into an all-in-one, automated solution with artificial intelligence powering its core. No stone (or line of code) was left unturned, and this includes our application monitoring capabilities!

How long will AppMon & UEM be supported?


  • If you haven’t yet, take a look at the new Dynatrace platform.
  • Start to plan your upgrade now, so it will be completed by March 2021. 
  • Contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to Manager to assist you in the upgrade.
Is there any difference in licensing between AppMon and the Dynatrace platform?

Appmon AppMon is licensing its agent based on the number of instrumented processes, depending on the technology (details see can be found here).


So long story short, it makes no sense to make a feature to feature comparison when upgrading to an all-in-one solution, which provides answers instead of "only" data. You need to experience the difference for yourself, so start your Dynatrace Free Trial today!

Of course, the Dynarace Dynatrace platform has unrevealed unrivaled technology support, including enterprise technologies like TIBCO, IBM Integration Bus, MQ, z/OS CICS or IMS.


Yes, it is possible to monitor parts of your environment with AppMon and other parts with the Dynatrace platform during your conversion, to avoid a big bang deployment. Although you would not get an end-to-end PurePath, it is possible to stream data in real-time from AppMon to Dynatrace and to search for PurePaths across solutions.