The Compuware APM Business Unit is proud to present dynaTrace 5!
dynaTrace 5 is the industry's first application performance management solution that spans both the mainframe and distributed application environments, all from one single APM system. This enables you to accurately trace a user's click from the browser through a distributed app into a Java or CICS/DB2 transaction at the z/OS Mainframe.

In addition to this major new topic, we have put a strong focus on performance and quality improvements to make dynaTrace 5 more productive and rock solid.

Download dynaTrace 5 today and see for yourself how these enhancements help you to be more productive!

You are only 3 steps away from successfully using dynaTrace 5:

  1. You can download the product at
  2. Please read the Release Notes to learn more about dynaTrace 5 and make the best use of all the new capabilities
  3. Be sure to read the

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    to migrate effectively to dynaTrace 5.

If you would like some expertise on specific migration needs, please contact your account representative.

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