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SharePoint Package for dynaTrace 3.0


The Download Package includes everything you need to manage SharePoint Applications:

  • Pre-Configured System Profile SharePoint
  • 4 Dashboards for Operations, Architects, Usage Monitoring and Memory Analysis
  • Knowledge Sensor Packs for SharePoint and ASP.NET
  • Sample dynaTrace Sessions


  1. Save the attached file locally to the computer where the Dynatrace Client is installed.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Copy the Dashboards into your Dynatrace Server conf\dashboard installation directory
  4. Import the Sensor Packs to your Dynatrace Server
  5. Import the System Profile

Exercise SharePoint and enclosed portlets.

Package Overview

Check out the Video Tutorials for SharePoint. It explains how to install and use the Package. It also highlights use cases about how to analyze certain problems within SharePoint

Dashboard Overview

SharePoint Operations Dashboard
Shows Performance Counters of the SharePoint Frontend Server and gives an overview of used SharePoint Pages and Lists

SharePoint Architect Dashboard
Highlights information important for SharePoint Architects including Memory, WebPart Usage, SQL Analysis and Exceptions

SharePoint Monitoring Dashboard
Shows the Usage of SharePoint Lists, Views and CAML Queries. It also shows the End-User Response Times of a Web Transaction Monitor that is part of the SharePoint System Profile

SharePoint Memory Dashboard
Provides an entry point to Memory Analysis. The SharePoint Memory Knowledge Sensor defines Memory Sensor Rules for the two critical SharePoint classes SPSite and SPWeb. Use this Dashboard to identify Memory Leaks.

How to configure the .NET Agent for a SharePoint Site

Every SharePoint Site by default runs in a separate IIS Application Pool. Each Application Pool has a unique name - usually aligned with the name of the Site.
The .NET Agent Configuration Tool shows every Application Pool instance as individual entry that can be selected. This allows you to just instrument those sites that you are interested in.


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