What are FastPacks?

FastPacks provide a quick start for Dynatrace users when dealing with applications based on e.g. SharePoint or BizTalk. FastPacks are downloadable packages that can contain pre-configured Plugins, Sensor Packs, Dashboards and System Profile. All ready-to-go to be applied to your Dynatrace Installation eliminating most of the configuration steps you normally have to do!

Plugins and Other Downloads

We also provide other downloads that extend Dynatrace and integrate with other tools!

Community Forum: Don't find a plugin or got a general question on this topic?

Please use the Community Plugins and Extensions Forum to ask for new plugins that would make your life easier but that are not yet available. If you have plugins to share us the forum to see if somebody else would benefit as well.

Develop your own Plugins!

Follow the guide Manage and Develop User Plugins

List of available FastPacks, Plugins, Sensor Packs and Extensions

Big Data

Splunk Application

This Application enables a seamless way to store Business Transactions and Alerts in Splunk for further analysis by correlating your Splunk data with Dynatrace APM Business Transaction data.
  • Zero Configuration with out-of-the-box
  • Stream real-time Business Transaction data to Splunk
    • All transactions 24/7
    • End User Perspective
    • Discrete Business aware transactions
  • Push Baseline violations, smart alerts & application exceptions to Splunk
  • Push Application, Business Transaction and Infrastructure metrics to Splunk
  • Launch the Dynatrace AppMon client for a single transactions and alerts from within Splunk
  • Drill-down to root-cause, export & share with your team

Real Time Data Feed Listener

Implements a listener for the Real Time Business Transaction Data Feed Feature of Dynatrace. It allows you to easily get LIVE metrics from Dynatrace. Can for instance be used during any automated test to enrich your reports!

UEM PureLytics Heatmap

JavaScript Browser Extension to visualize UEM User Action Clicks as a Heatmap. To be used with Browser Extensions such as Greasemonkey

Datadog Plugin

Send any chartable measure from Dynatrace to Datadog.

Elasticsearch Fastpack

The Dynatrace FastPack for Elasticsearch provides a plugin for Dynatrace which collects various metrics from an Elasticsearch Cluster and sends them to a Dynatrace instance. It also provides a System Profile and a sample Dashboard which visualizes some of the metrics.

Big Data Business Transaction Bridge

The Big Data Business Transaction Bridge makes it possible to store Business Transaction Results to HDFS, Files, Databases and other stores easily. The results are either written as CSV or JSON files and can be included in Hive as external tables.

Flume is a distributed service for collecting, aggregating, and moving large amounts of log data. In this case we describe how it can be used to receive data from the dynaTrace Real Time Business Transactions Feed via HTTP Post requests and store it in a Hadoop HDFS or other stores.

SOLR Monitoring FastPack

The dynaTrace FastPack for the SOLR enables easy out-of-the-box monitoring for applications using the SOLR Search Engine. The FastPack consists predefined JMX Measures for SOLR, Sensors for SOLR Server and SOLR Clients, Business Transactions a Template Profile and Dashboards.

Amazon SimpleDB Fastpack

The dynaTrace FastPack for Amazon SimpleDB enables easy out-of-the-box monitoring of read and write performance of the Amazon SimpleDB usage via Java. The FastPack consists of a Sensor Pack, a Sample Profile and Dashboards.

Apache Hadoop and MapReduce FastPack

As of version 5.5 Dynatrace AppMon has built-in support for Hadoop MapReduce. This FastPack provides additional dashboards and a Job Monitor for further monitoring and analysis.

Apache Cassandra Fastpack

The dynaTrace FastPack for the Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database enables easy out-of-the-box monitoring. The FastPack consists predefined JMX Measures for Cassandra, Sensors for Cassandra Server and Cassandra Clients, Business Transactions a Template Profile and Dashboards.


Docker Monitor Plugin

Retrieves CPU, memory and network stats from Docker containers via the Docker Remote API

Amazon AWS Fastpack

The Dynatrace AppMon FastPack for Amazon AWS enables easy out-of-the-box monitoring of various AWS solutions via Cloud Watch. The Fastpack consists of a customer Monitor, several Dashboards and a System Profile.


Amazon EC2 Account Cost Monitoring FastPack

The Dynatrace AppMon FastPack for Amazon EC2 Account Cost Monitoring monitors EC2 instances and CloudFormations of an Amazon AWS Account. It provides a monitor which retrieves measures for the number of instances/formations as well as cost estimations. The FastPack consists of a custom Monitor, a sample System Profile, and a dashboard.

Contributing to the Community

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