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Alerts help you monitor critical web applications by sending you a notification when a test exceeds a specified response time or failure threshold, or does not meet conditional criteria. Alerts for each test can be modified, enabled, and disabled through the Dynatrace Portal.

Maintenance Windows suppress testing during planned events in order to avoid unnecessary alerting or skew your testing results. To configure recurring maintenance windows at the account level, go to Setup Tests > Test Settings > Test Defaults. You can also edit individual tests to configure recurring maintenance windows or one-time maintenance windows for the test.

If you have a planned event for your application during which you do not want alerts to be sent, you can disable alerting for your account before the event, and then enable it again when the event is completed.

To disable alerts globally within your account:

  1. In the Dynatrace Portal, select Setup Tests > Alerts.
  2. In the Alerts page, click Edit account-wide alerts to display the Alert Preferences popup window.
  3. Click Disable Alerts, then click Update.

To enable alerting again after the event, repeat this procedure, but click Enable Alerts.





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