• Dynatrace Classic Portal

In the Dynatrace Classic Portal, the One View page lets you quickly chart any test or transaction, conduct an instant test, or see any recent alerts.

You can customize your One View page so that the features that best suit your needs are emphasized. The changes made to one login will not affect other logins. The main sections of the One View page are:

  • Status Report – Summarizes the response time and availability measurements taken over the last hour for up to 15 selected tests.

  • Saved ChartsEasy access to the charts you've saved. You can also identify two saved charts that you can display on the start page itself.

  • Recent AlertsA table that displays the most recent alert state (Warning, Severe, Condition Improved, etc.) for tests that are an alert condition.

  • DiagnosticsEnables you to quickly chart a test, perform Test Analysis, and conduct HTTP, Ping, Traceroute, NS Lookup, and Instant diagnostic tests for URLs and Transactions.

To customize your Start page, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Dynatrace Classic Portal.

  2. On the One View page, click Customize in the Last Updated line. The Start Page Customization page appears.

  3. In the Change Content area, select  Yes or No to indicate if you want to display or hide that section on the Start page.

  4. If a section is displayed on the home page, you can click the appropriate edit settings link to customize its appearance.

  5. In the Customize Layout area, you can change the order of the columns on your One View page by selecting an item and using the arrow buttons to place it in the location you want.

  6. Click Submit.

Note: The One View page's load time is dependent on sections on it. For instance, adding a thumbnail to your One View page may result in a longer load time for the page.