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When playing back a script, script errors are frequently encountered after a page with a long running AJAX request.


Often, when recording a script in the Dynatrace Recorder, we perform certain actions (navigate, click, form fills, etc) and then wait for a Page Complete before moving on to the next step. During playback, if the page requires content that is loaded from an AJAX request and that AJAX doesn't respond quickly, the script will attempt to move on before the site is ready.

This is easy to resolve.

Assuming we have a simple script here where we navigate to a page and then wait for page complete like below...

Our navigation action:

And our Page Complete wait:

We can make sure that the playback agent will wait for all the AJAX requests to complete by adding a Wait for Network action between those two actions, as shown below.
Our added Wait - Network action:

This will make sure all AJAX requests can complete, and help improve script availability in these cases.






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