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If you incorrectly specify a cookie, this may result in landing on a wrong page depending on how the site behaves. Usually customers want to add cookies to get certain functionality from their site.


The Cookie action in the Dynatrace Recorder contains three fields:

  • Cookie Name
  • Value
  • URL

The Cookie Name and Value are generally self-evident, but the URL can be tricky. You must make sure the cookie you are trying to set contains the full URL.

For example, you want to set a cookie location = MA for In this example, location is the cookie name and MA is the value. So in the Cookie user action:

  • Cookie Name = location
  • Value = MA

For the URL, you must specify the host you want to apply the cookie to. Make sure you use the full URL, for example:

  • URL =

Note that the full URL must include http:// (or https://), and must end with a forward slash ( / ). The forward slash tells the agent that this is the complete URL; without it, the action cannot be performed correctly.





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