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I have uploaded a new Last Mile (or Private Last Mile) script remotely using the Dynatrace Recorder, but it appears to be missing from the Dynatrace Classic Portal: I cannot locate it to create a new test.



This issue can sometimes happen when a Last Mile or Private Last Mile script is associated with a test type but not immediately made into a test. Because the script is no longer "Unassigned" according to the Dynatrace Recorder, it will not appear in the standard Add/Edit drop-down field.

To find the missing script:

  1. Log into the Dynatrace Classic Portal, and select the Admin tab.  
  2. Select either Add/Edit Last Mile Tests or Add/Edit Private Last Mile Tests as appropriate.
  3.  At the new screen, select the link at the upper left called Create a new [Private] Last Mile Batch Order using existing tests.
  4. Select the appropriate agent from the top drop-down menu next to the Name text-field (IE Agent or Firefox Agent, per the script); when the screen refreshes, you will see the missing script appear to be selected.

If you do not want to add the script as a Batch Order, contact Customer Support. They can remove the script from your account, and re-send you the file to upload under a new name to start over.