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In Private Last Mile testing with the no-VM private peer, when my test includes HTTP Authentication credentials which I defined in a script step, the test instead uses the default credentials to log into a Sharepoint application.


To use script-level HTTP Authentication credentials in testing, you need to reconfigure the Security Settings in Internet Explorer for a no-VM Private Last Mile installation.

Configure the local IE settings on the Private Last Mile machines as follows. These instructions are for Internet Explorer 11. Details may vary for other IE versions.

  1. In the IE 11 browser, select Tools > Internet Options to open the Internet Options dialog box.
  2. Verify that the website you are testing is in the intranet zone: 
    1. Select the Security tab.
    2. Click Local intranet, then click Sites.
    3. In the Local intranet dialog box, click Advanced.
    4. Review the listed Websites. If necessary add the website to the list: type the URL in the field and click Add.
    5. Click Close to save the change (if any), then click OK in the Local intranet dialog box to return to the Internet Options dialog box.
  3. Change the Security Settings to "Automatic logon only in Intranet zone" to "Prompt for user name and password" as shown in the provided image.
  4. Restart the IE 8.0 browser.
  5. Verify this change by executing the test in the Gomez Recorder using wrong credentials

Root Cause

A setting in Internet Explorer automatically causes authentication with Intranet-based applications such as Sharepoint by using the Windows login credentials for the machine. This behavior overrides HTTP Authentication credentials that are configured in the step of a Windows Recorder script.