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MFA provides a method of authenticating user credentials that is more secure than using a simple username/password combination.

An application using MFA will log a user's IP address so that the next time a user logs in from that machine, the application will recognize the IP address and simply prompt them for their login credentials. If the IP address is not recognized, the application requires the user to answer at least one of many possible challenge questions - as well as their username and password - in order to login.

This type of authentication typically occurs on financial or banking websites. Typically, the user must configure a number of potential challenge questions during signup, and the website picks one of the questions at random during the login process. Examples of challenge questions are:

  • In what city were you born?

  • What is your mother's maiden name?

  • What is your favorite color?

If the answers to the challenge questions are the same every time, the Dynatrace Recorder will most likely have no problem handling all of the questions. You may need to set up a variable for the question.

If each question has a different answer, you can use JavaScript to check if the page contains part of the question text, such as "city" , "mother", or "color", depending on the challenge question presented. You can even use the whole sentence, such as "What is your favorite color?"

The JavaScript will be similar to the following:


While the JavaScript code needed to handle your specific challenge questions will vary, you can use the sample JavaScript code below as a template that you can customize for your page.


The help page Scripting Conditional Pages contains another example for handling challenge questions.



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