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Generic Operations Plugin

Plugin that allows for generic operations on a pair of measures. The generic operations include addition, subtraction, division and multiplication on the measure.

Generic Measure Monitoring Plugin

This plugin opens an HTTP REST Endpoint so that external tools such as JMeter, Load Runner, Synthetic Monitoring Tools ... can FEED measures into Dynatrace.

User Logins Plugin

This plugin counts the number of client logins & provides two metrics: Successful Logins & Failed Logins and reports per username.

Business Transaction Row Counter Plugin

The Business Transaction Row Count plugin queries a Business Transaction Dashboard to return the number of rows/splittings in the table.  

The plugin supports both HTTP and HTTPS.

APMaaS Metrics Grabber Plugin

The APMaaS Metrics Grabber plugin utilized the web services available from Compuware's APMaaS offering to return summarized test information from a specified APMaaS Backbone test script. At this time, only backbone tests are supported.

DCRUM URL Hierarchy Check Script

This script checks for consistency of the URL hierarchy in the CAS database.

CSS AD Configurator

This utility allows the user to identify the values that needs to be configured for integrating CSS with Active Directory LDAP.

LZO Compression Library

This library allows you to use LZO compression as compared to the inflate/deflate compression used by default by dynaTrace. LZO requires less CPU but the resulting amount of data is higher.

PurePath WebStart Launcher

This website allows you to launch the WebStart client and open a specific PurePath identified by its ID.

Jad Java Decompiler Library

Jad is an alternative to the built-in Java decompiler shipped with the dynaTrace Client.

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